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Make an impact with a cluster dress ring from Thomas of London. Our luxurious collection features a vast array of fine quality precious and semi-precious gemstones in a spectrum of vibrant colours. Framing your gemstone with a glittering border of diamonds accentuates its stunning colour ensuring it will be noticed time and time again. Royal blue sapphire cluster rings are a popular choice for many whilst rich red ruby cluster rings offer a timeless feel. Tanzanite cluster rings with their opulent violet blue hues look simply stunning whereas bright green emerald cluster rings make an eye-catching statement. If you are looking for piece of jewellery that provides fun and a little flair then opt for a peridot, amethyst or aquamarine cluster cocktail ring, their bright lively colours stand out in a crowd. For a custom-made design contact us to have your bespoke cluster dress ring commissioned in our Hatton Garden workshop. Our friendly experienced team are on hand to guide you through from your design consultation to your finished piece of unique jewellery.